The easiest way to check if you would be eligible for a French mortgage is to use our Eligibility Checker. It takes you through the requirements , step-by-step, that will dictate whether a French bank would consider your application.

In short - here are the key criteria:

  • I am aged between 18 and 64
  • I wish to borrow over €150,000
  • I do not spend more than 33% of my monthly income on contractual debt (mortgage, rent, car loan, credit card balance). Use our Eligibility Checker calculator to work out if you meet this requirement
  • I am not classed as a French resident for tax purposes
  • The property I wish to finance is a habitable residential property, rather than a commercial venture (such as a B&B, gite, campsite etc) or a chateau
  • If a business owner or a sole trader I can provide 3 years’ worth of tax returns and accounts
  • I want to borrow a maximum of 85% of the purchase price (unless you are looking for a purchase & renovation mortgage - then you can borrow higher)
  • I do not have bad credit history and I do not regularly exceed my overdraft limit

If you can say yes to all the above, please check out our French mortgage calculators to work out your budget and request a quote.