Becoming a partner

We are the experts in obtaining overseas mortgages for non-residents and have a 97% mortgage approval rate. You can simply, leave it up to us. Allowing you to focus on what you do best, be that selling houses, advising people how to invest their money, or brokering UK mortgages. We also have a referral commission scheme, so not only will you have more time to make more sales, you will also be rewarded for any clients you refer to us that go on to take out a mortgage that we broker for them.

Every enquiry we receive is asked to specify where they heard about us and it is logged on their file. We can also send you a personalised URL link to our form that will auto-populate the 'recommended by' field with your details, should you wish to put a link to it on your site or in an email. Or you can simply email us directly with your client's details and we will do the rest. Once their mortgage is completed and we have received all the fees due to us, you will be sent a percentage of the total we receive for that file. The percentage is based on a sliding scale, based on the volume of loans we broker for all clients referred by you. For more details, please email

Please just email and we can take it from there!