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If you are looking for information about Portuguese Mortgages, please contact us as we can provide you with the latest Portuguese mortgage rates, work out your eligibility and what you monthly Portuguese mortgage repayments may be with our International mortgage calculator. If you’ve already started your search for a Portuguese property, the following guide to purchasing with a Portuguese mortgage provides an outline of what you can expect from the process. We’ve got information on how you can save money on making payments to Portugal and obtaining English worded buildings and contents insurance to ensure your new home is properly covered.

Eligibility & criteria

All Portuguese Mortgages are in Euros and will be secured against Portuguese residential property.  Portuguese mortgages are full status and therefore proof of income and outgoings will be required.

The maximum loan to value available is 70% of the purchase price, though it can depend on your profile and the property’s location.

Portuguese Mortgage lenders assess eligibility on the applicant’s capacity to repay the Portuguese Mortgage. As a guideline, your existing monthly outgoings as well as the monthly repayment on your new Portuguese mortgage should not exceed 35% of your net monthly income.  A percentage of any rental and investment income you receive can also be considered.  Mortgage, rent, personal loans and maintenance commitments are all considered as outgoings.  To find out how much you can borrow complete our quotation request form.

Once you’ve found your dream second home and had your offer accepted, it is best to obtain financial approval before you transfer your deposit to the Portuguese Lawyer.

Types of Portuguese Mortgage

Portuguese Mortgages can be obtained for the purchase of off-plan, new and existing properties.

For construction and renovations loans, the property must be habitable to start with and plans must be provided at the time of application. Funds will be released by the lender directly to your builder in accordance with the plans and following the bank’s valuation to ensure the agreed stage has been reached.

You can raise capital on your Portuguese property. The amount you can borrow will be determined by a valuation arranged by the lender. 

Remortgaging is available.  However, this will incur costs both at the Notary’s office and with the new lender.  We recommend that you check with your existing lender if any penalties will be payable for cancelling your existing mortgage and corresponding land registry deed.

Portuguese Mortgage products

A variety of Portuguese Mortgage products are available, mainly on a repayment basis. Generally variable rates are more popular than fixed rates.

Terms can be from 10 to 30 years, however, loans must be repaid by the age of 75. The majority of products feature some kind of early redemption penalties. For an idea of the rates available contact a consultant. For a personalised quotation complete our quotation request form.

Documentation required by the Portuguese Mortgage lender

Lenders are required to have sufficient documentation proving that the borrower can afford the Portuguese mortgage repayments, you will therefore be required to submit a number of supporting documents.  Please see below for a summary of what will be required.  A detailed list will be compiled based on your situation and sent to you with your personalised quotation.

You will need:

  • Proof of identity & residence
  • Proof of income & outgoings
  • Bank statements
  • Property details


An Agreement In Principle (AIP) can be obtained from a Portuguese Mortgage lender once all of the necessary documentation has been submitted. This takes approximately five working days.  However, for Portuguese Mortgage in excess of €500,000 this may take longer. 

We would recommend that you allow a minimum of eight weeks from application to the lender to completion. It can take up to 12/14 weeks during any holiday season.

Life assurance

Life assurance is not always mandatory in Portugal. Some lenders will however require a Portuguese Life insurance policy to be in place before completion.

Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance must be in place for completion.  Most lenders offer buildings insurance as part of their package with the mortgage. If their provider is not used, they will require proof prior to completion that the policy has been assigned to them.

Bank account

You will need to open a Portuguese bank account before completion, from which your Portuguese Mortgage repayments will be debited.   Most lenders insist you open an account with them. If this is not the case then we will advise you so that you can open an account.

Payment of your Portuguese mortgage

Please be aware that missing a Portuguese Mortgage payment may have serious consequences. We therefore strongly advise you arrange for monthly debits from a UK account.  A number of foreign exchange providers offer a renewable 12 month regular payment plan.  The exchange rate is fixed at the start of the plan, and the agreed amount will be debited from your UK account and sent to your Portuguese account each month. This service gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that your Portuguese mortgage repayments will be met automatically each month.  Please ask one of our Consultants to recommend a provider if this is of interest.

Transferring funds to Portugal

Whilst purchasing a Portuguese property it is also likely that you will need to transfer funds to Portugal, to pay a reservation fee, a deposit on the property, or to cover additional purchase costs.

Making payments in a foreign currency will mean you are exposed to movements in exchange rates.  This is likely to affect the final cost of the property you are buying, as will the exchange rate you receive when you make the transfer.

Through our carefully selected foreign exchange provider we are able to not only save money on the exchange rate you receive but reduce your exposure to exchange rate movement.

For further information on how these services can benefit you please talk to your consultant who will be able to answer any questions you may have.


Either a representative from the bank will be present to issue the cheques, or a transfer will be made following completion. You do not have to be present at completion and can give Power of Attorney if necessary. Your lawyer will be able to discuss this with you in more detail.

Costs of setting up a Portuguese mortgage:

Bank’s arrangement fee – this can be in the form of an application fee and a cost on completion, and varies from lender to lender.  We would recommend you allow a minimum of €250 and up to a maximum of 1% of the loan amount to cover this.

Notary fees and taxes – payable at approximately 10%.  If you take out a Portuguese mortgage a further cost will be passed on to you by your Lawyer for registering the lender’s charge.

Valuations – these are carried out by the lenders and payable by the borrower.  The valuation fee is approximately €200, but does vary from lender to lender and depends upon the size of the property you are buying.

There will be a non-refundable brokerage application fee of £500, half of which is payable when you wish to start the application process, and the other half after completion has taken place. 

We recommend that you seek professional legal & tax advice before purchasing in Portugal.


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