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If you have found that Picturesque villa on Italy’s Portofino coast or a vacation retreat combining the perfect mix of Andalusian architecture and traditional Catalan interior design for holidays in the South of Spain, but are not sure how much an international mortgage will cost you this is the simple way to find out!

Simply enter the sum you are looking to borrow and the International mortgage interest rate and the monthly cost will be calculated for you both on a repayment and interest only basis. If you would like an up to date idea of the current International mortgage interest rates please contact your consultant.

The first result gives the total monthly payment for a standard repayment mortgage, including both interest and payment towards the capital loan amount. This reduces the amount owed on the capital, month by month. The second figure shows the amount of interest payment only.

These figures are only a guide. Click here for a quote request from us now.

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International Mortgage Calculator

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