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It’s not EU-revoir! IPF is quoted in the Sunday Times

Read all about it! Read all about it!

Post-brexit article - Sunday Times March 2021

There was a really informative article in the Sunday Times this week looking at all the reasons why Brexit has not put off people buying a second home in France. Many French estate agents are reporting a record number of enquiries as Brits look to secure a foothold on the Continent. The pandemic and travel restrictions meant that last summer was extremely busy with pent up demand, but in reality, that hasn’t really let up, despite the lockdown and foreign travel ban of the past 3 months!

IPF was quoted in the article as Fiona Watts, our Managing Director, explained that Brexit hasn’t had a material impact on the ability to secure a French mortgage. Rather, it is the economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19 that has made the French banks tighten up some of their lending criteria, requiring borrowers to have a much larger savings buffer in particular.

You can read the article in full by clicking on the image above.

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