17 October 2016 - French Mortgage News | International Mortgage News | Partners News |

IPF in The Sunday Times – how a French mortgage can help mitigate the fall in sterling

International Private Finance and our client Rob Royle were featured in The Sunday Times yesterday. We helped Rob mitigate the fall in sterling by arranging a french mortgage in euros. Whilst Rob could have bought his property in cash, by taking out a french mortgage at an interest rate of 1.3% fixed over 10 years Rob can save over £20,000 (once the exchange rate recovers to pre-referendum levels). As Rob said: “Why would I use my cash when the exchange rates are so poor and the French mortgage rates are so low?” Though the weak pound will mean higher monthly repayments, he hopes the pound will recover and cut his overall debt.

Read the article in full here (subscription required): Still standing as the pound falls – how to avoid the slide in sterling By Ali Hussain (The Sunday Times – Money)


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