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French Mortgage Update

Welcome to IPF’s French mortgage update for August 2011. There has been plenty going on in the financial news recently, and here we’re going to provide you with the latest update on how the French mortgage market has been faring.

Turbulence in the financial markets over the summer has once again highlighted the asset classes typically sought by investors during times of economic uncertainty. While the value of gold has been receiving many headlines – having hit sky-high prices recently – property investment is another approach at the forefront of many people’s thoughts.

Property in prime locations throughout the world remains popular among investors, as evidenced by the recent influx of international capital into the London property market. Throughout the recent economic troubles, the French property market has performed robustly when compared to many other popular International second home markets. The outlook for the historically popular areas for second home owners in France therefore remains broadly positive in the medium term.

French mortgage lenders have played their part by continuing to show a healthy appetite to lend to overseas second home buyers. While lending criteria have become more restricted for certain borrower profiles – those who have extensive debt secured against an existing property portfolio, for example – the overall lending attitude remains broadly positive among French banks.

The competition amongst banks to attract borrowers looking to purchase second homes has even resulted in the first tentative rate reductions on certain French mortgage facilities. For an idea of the latest rates, please view our French mortgage best buy tables here.

With European interest rates still near historic lows, there continues to be good interest in properties that are competitively valued. So although the property market is undoubtedly quieter than it was pre-credit crunch, some potential buyers are losing out on keenly-priced properties when they are not in a position to move quickly. This has highlighted to us the benefits to be gained from obtaining a financial pre-approval as we move into one of the busiest buying periods of the year.

IPF in the press

Since IPF was established in January 2008, we have been increasingly quotes in the media as an authority on the French and International mortgage and finance markets. Our straightforward, transparent approach to improving the availability of information related to securing the most competitive French mortgage is central to the way IPF works.

Since early July, our expert comment has appeared in the Financial Times (twice), The Sunday Times (twice) and The Daily Mail. With regular contributions also appearing in French Property News, Living France and the French Magazine, we are committed to developing our reputation as a trusted source of information and comment in this ever changing arena.

IPF’s new website

IPF is pleased to announce the launch of our new, updated website. We’ve improved the navigation of the site to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, in addition to inviting you to follow us on Twitter and keep up to date with all our latest news and press features.

Our improved client feedback section keeps you updated with our clients’ latest views on our service levels. To follow us via Twitter, please follow @IPFMortgageNews. There will be plenty more developments over the coming months, so do make sure to check regularly for further details.

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