07 February 2018 - French Mortgage News | International Mortgage News | Partners News |

IPF’s predictions on French Mortgage rates in 2018

Fiona Watts, IPF’s Managing Director, recently discussed interest rates with our wide panel of lenders and the consensus is that rates will increase in 2018, but the banks forecast a very slow and gentle rise back to the more typical levels experienced in the past decade. With French mortgage rates currently as low 1.5% for non-residents with Retail banks and 1% with Private Banks, the climate for borrowing is definitely in the buyers’ favour, but it’s worth securing those deals now before the predicted rise.

The French banks have also indicated that, due to the demand from international buyers for French property, they will be increasing their loan-to-value limits (currently at around 80-85% depending on the client’s circumstances) and will introduce brand new mortgage products in the course of 2018. This can only be a positive for British investors, who want variety and access to more innovative solutions, and of course this will still allow purchasers to increase their budgets considerably.

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