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Over 90% of our clients have access to discounted fees or products not available by going direct to the bank

IPF has been brokering international mortgages for over 10 years and, as the leading broker in this area is often asked by the banks to trial new products. Equally, our longstanding relationships with, and the amount of business that we have generated for, our panel of lenders means we are given access to exclusive discounts on fees and rates. Below are just a few recent examples of how our clients have saved money by using our services:

Saving our clients money with discounts they would not be able to obtain without IPF
We regularly have access to discounts exclusive to IPF as well as being able to negotiate on the standard terms, making a significant cost saving to our clients:

Mr S was an existing client who had come back to us, as he was looking to purchase a second French property. He had been able to rent out his first purchase so consistently, he needed another one, just to fit in his own holidays!

  • When he approached us for an illustration, the published terms quoted by the bank’s direct sales team were:
    • 2.45% repayment fixed for 20 years with an arrangement fee of €850
  • IPF achieved:
    • 2.20% repayment fixed for 20 years with no arrangement fee
  • Thus saving Mr S (on a loan amount of €250,000) €8,050. We also negotiated a deal that allowed him to source the mandatory life cover in the UK rather than use the bank’s provider

– – – – – –

Ms P came to us wanting an interest-only loan, a product that is not widely offered in France.

  • The published rate was:
    • 2.75% interest only fixed for 7 years, with an arrangement fee of €1,500
  • IPF achieved:
    • 2.50% interest only fixed for 7 years, arrangement fee €750
  • We saved Ms P (on a loan amount of €311,250) €6,210. We also negotiated a deal that allowed her to source the mandatory life cover in the UK rather than use the bank’s provider

Obtaining products and terms not available on the open market
Mr & Mrs O wanted 100% finance which we did through a bridge on an existing French property they owned and a purchase mortgage for a new property. This was specifically to minimise their exposure to exchange rate fluctuations before the sale of their existing property.  There was an added complication (in the eyes of the French banks) as he was resident in the Middle East and not the UK. Their total borrowing requirement was: €1.3m

  • We secured their bridging loan as an interest only 2.70% fixed for 2 years and their purchase mortgage on an interest only basis at 2.75% fixed for 14 years. The maximum term that was available in the market at the time was only 7 years due to the lack of refinance in the French market. The extended term was of paramount importance to our client.
  •  Life cover was a mandatory requirement, however we were able to negotiate with the lender and got it waived completely...
  • …and we got Mr & Mrs O a 50% reduction in the bank’s fees

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