12 September 2018 - French Mortgage News | International Mortgage News | Partners News |

Beware of impersonators – we will not ask you to transfer large sums of money to us

Imitation may be the best form of flattery but in this case we are extremely upset. We have become aware that a website www.international-private-finance.fr is pertaining to be us and is asking people that contact them to transfer large sums of money. They have taken our logo and are using our registered office address.

We want to reassure all our clients that there has been no breach in our network or website, and no unauthorised access to any data has occured. This is just a case of someone copying our logo from our website and creating a website on a domain name that we do not own.

We have reported the site to the cyber crime police department in the UK as well as the relevant financial associations in the UK and France. At the same time, we have contacted the French domain provider, who is currently investigating the matter. We hope they will take the website down as soon as possible.

If you have contacted this fraudulent website in error, please let us know. If you do have any concerns, please get in touch with our Head of Operations, Nikki Carlisle on 0207 484 4600.

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