French Mortgages : Latest French Mortgage Rates

In addition to some of the latest French mortgage rates below, IPF has access to a range of bespoke mortgages from private banks and alternative lenders that we can discuss with you personally and confidentially, tailored to you.

Type of mortgage Maximum LTV Starting rates from Interest Only? Monthly payments(term in yrs)**
Variable rate 70% 1.00%
3.01% APRC  variable*
No €4,273
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Fixed rate 85% 1.25%
2.38% APRC variable*
No 1,524
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Fixed rate 85% 1.50%
2.49% APRC variable*
No €1,206
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Capped variable 85% 2.05%
2.37% APRC variable*
No €1,271
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Variable 75% 2.20%
2.65% APRC variable*
Yes €458
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Capped variable 75% 2.30%
2.75% APRC variable*
Yes €479
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Lower interest rates will be available if you do not require the maximum LTVs (loan to values)

**Based on a loan amount of €250,000
*As the French banks do not provide a calculation of the APRC, this percentage is approximate

This information should only be used as a guide. The products mentioned here are for non-resident clients, other products will be available for residents. The choice of interest rate and product terms will depend on your circumstances and the amount of the mortgage. Before you make a mortgage application, we will carry out a full review to establish your needs and preferences and if you meet the criteria, we will give advice and make a recommendation to you. There will be a fee for our mortgage service. All mortgages are subject to status. Please note that all products show an indicative rate only and may not be suitable for you. You must be 18 or over.

For a personalised French mortgage quote please contact us directly or submit your information online. 
Information provided by and is correct as of 04.04.2019


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