15 March 2016

After spending a sabbatical year abroad, it’s no surprise we were smitten with the idea of owning our own little slice of heaven.  So when a place we had rented came up for sale, we decided to take the plunge.

But buying a property abroad is not as simple as one might think, especially when you live in Canada and English is your first language! That’s where the staff at International Private Finance come in.

Right from the start, they were thorough, professional and encouraging. They made it seem possible and that’s because they are equipped with the tools required to ensure things get sorted the right way and in a timely fashion.

We now own a beautiful apartment in the south of France and we have a place to stay when we come to visit our friends abroad. In a few years we look forward to spending more time there to escape our cold winters. We take comfort in knowing that chasing our dream was not only possible, but the right thing to invest in.

Sandra Thacker

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