02 August 2013

Dear Fiona,

I’m in the process of trying to button down a French mortgage for a house I’ve yet to find in the South of France.

I was referred to Monica by a mutual friend, and the rest is history.

I work as a CEO in the service industry, so I know great service when I see it, and I’ve seen it in Monica.

She has listened to my requirements and responded super fast. I work at a fast pace – driven by the demands of our clients – and so I crave people around me who do the same.

In this instance, as I’ve yet to find a property, Monica could have gone more slowly, not prioritised me, called in every so often. She hasn’t. She’s been on the case , she responds within hours of my emails (I love this) and she’s given me several options with which to work.

She’s a star. Congratulations on having someone with such a great attitude in your business.

Jim H

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