02 December 2015

We both agree that both Daniel and Simon did a simply awesome job on our behalf.  As first time buyers in France the whole process looked very daunting and quickly took on the appearance of a minefield of potential pitfalls.  Both Daniel and Simon simplified the whole process and took all the hassle out of it for us as they held our hands through the tricky stages, kept us up to date with where we were and prompted us for the information they required to complete the transaction.  Right down to the final day when we met for the first time with the seller, their notaire and their agent at Simon’s office we were very much reassured by the help that we were given and the professionalism of the whole process.  We will certainly recommend anyone else that we know who wants to purchase a property in France to come straight to you two.  Many thanks for all the help that you have given us over the past three months we simply could not have done it without IPF’s work.

H & E Watson

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