06 July 2015

We were looking to purchase a property in France and needed a mortgage.

French Entrée put us in touch with IPF. We spoke to Alex who told us that it should be straightforward to get a mortgage preapproved. We supplied the required paperwork and a few weeks later we got the preapproval. IPF made it so easy for us. We found a property and started the process of purchasing it. The mortgage application proved surprisingly simple. We had to pull out of the purchase due to problems with the property. This wasn’t a problem, we simply put the application on hold. We then found another property and started the application process again. Once again IPF made the application process easy for us.

There arer some strict rules about a 10 day cooling off period and the window in which the mortgage offer must be accepted. Alex and Daniel at IPF made sure that everything was done correctly. As a result our purchase went through and we are now French property owners.

Dr Phill Edwards

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