04 June 2019

Well, let me start by saying that I have ADHD and struggle with everything to do with paperwork, so you can imagine going through a very complex mortgage application which involves banks in three different countries would have been my personal nightmare… …but it was not! It went really smoothly, even though my background as a self-employed person who had been living in with a parent abroad for two years mainly (due to a family emergency) was as complex as could be. The team made it feel easy and explained everything to the French mortgage provider in a way I never could have done. Yes, it was a lot of work, but Elly and Gladys talked me through the forms on the phone when I got flustered, arranged for health and building insurance, explained everything in a calm and detailed way and even helped me to open a bank account in France before I had utility bills there. They were always helpful and cheerful and I cannot thank them enough! I full-heartedly recommend IPF to all my friends who are looking to buy in France – and to any reader of this website as well.

Anonymous, Cannes

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